Sustainable Energy Engineering

Partnering with VerVent 

Value Chain Integration

We believe that the capital intensity of the wind industry requires an integral approach to innovation processes, especially incremental innovation based on existing value chains, and partnering with incumbent organisations. The VerVent drivetrain concept is for this reason, and to a large degree, based upon integrating existing, proven components already available in the wind industry.

VerVent already consulted several leading component manufacturers and other stakeholder organizations, so far no technological 'showstoppers' have been identified.

Even better: All consulted organizations responded (very) positive at the feasibility and added value offered by the VerVent drivetrain concept.


Partner Profile

It is VerVent's ambition to retain and further build upon its independent position in the wind industry. This involves ongoing in-house product development, testing and validation.

An instrument for keeping this technology in a front runner position. Partners capable to enforce this independent position are most welcome to discuss a mutually beneficial cooperation.

VerVent is looking for dedicated partners to become product and project key enablers, moving towards commercialization and market introduction. This next step forward involves concept scaling beyond the current commercial 8MW+ scale, well into the 10 - 16MW+ class. Partners VerVent is looking for possess the expertise and resources to meet this level of ambition. An established market position, commitment and resources are highly valued.