Sustainable Energy Engineering

Rotary Current Transmitter 

For the generator, to be used in the VerVent HAWT 1.0 and 2.0 concept with two rotors that rotate against each other, VerVent has developed a current transmitter that can rotate in a conductive paste.

This is to prevent the use of a carbon brush system. Carbon brush has specific disadvantages, such as dust, crumbling of coal particles and pollution of the environment. In addition, this power collection system also requires very regular maintenance; something that you want to reduce offshore.

The development of the Megatorque 20, in which VerVent can use a normal fast-running generator, basically makes further development no longer necessary.

Signals from some market parties showed that a system based on a conductive paste would offer advantages, for example the replacement of carbon brush systems in the current wind tube or in generators, which must be able to operate remotely or for a long time. 

VerVent has been in consultation with national and foreign parties for some time to investigate how the further development of this innovation can be designed, from paperwork, testing and to a final product.